Volunteer workcamps for foreigners

Interested in ESC team volunteering and not sure what to join? Don't have any plans for summer and you don't want to waste your holiday? Age 18 - 30? Hnutí Brontosaurus (Brontosaurus Movement) - 50 years old czech NGO - has great opportunities for you in beautiful rural czech regions. Enjoy last weekend in May with drama, few weeks with hay in July or repairing old church in October.


* Bring On the Drama!

26. - 28.5., Moravská nová ves

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Want to spend your weekend doing things you like, with people that have the same interests? Look forward to this weekend where you’ll have fun through LARP games, activities, volunteering and meeting like-minded people.
Don’t worry about your English skills, we’re all here to learn and have fun.

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This weekend is about having fun while volunteering and doing meaningful things and meeting people with similar interests and hobbies.
The main topic of the weekend is LARP games, two short and fun LARP games will be prepared for you to participate in, express your thoughts and have fun.
You will be provided with meals and snacks in between and while working.

Accommodation: We’ll be sleeping on mattresses in our own sleeping bags in a shared space.
During Bring on the Drama! weekend event we will be helping with the maintenance of a local avenue of trees that we planted some time ago. The main work will be mulching, or other help in the village as needed.


* Summit on Hay

6. - 21. 7., Valašské Klobouky

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This two weeks summer camp at Kosenka is about volunteering, having fun, meeting new people and learning new things.

* We'll do voluntary work (scything, raking, collecting grass). * We'll have fun activities and workshops (you can suggest your own). * We'll meet new people from both the Czech Republic and other countries in Europe. * We (you) will have a chance to sleep on hay (if you have an adventurous soul). * We'll meet the locals of Kosenka and learn about their cultures and traditions. * YOU will have a chance to teach something about your culture (if you want to). * We'll take short trips around the town and discover the local forests and views from hilltops.

For more information about the summer camp go on Brontosaurus website.

And hurry up and sign in before the places are all taken!!


* GATC: Get Alive Today Camp

2. - 16. 8., Pelhřimovy

facebook event * more information on Brontosaurus website

Extraordinarily event, remarkable theme. Let's dive to the nucleus of our cell and try to live in small community for fourteen days in magical enviroment of an old church.

Will you be able to synthetise enough proteins for hard work for all organels of the cell (cook for the whole group); build stable endoskelet for transferring molecules around the cell (make stable paths for comunication among the group); and last but not least, make some endorphins (enjoy the camp).

So get alive today and fill the aplication, so we can together show the world, what being alive feels like.

We will be helping this beautiful chruch, mostly by repairing the walls. The work might be a bit demanding. The church of saint George is the last memory of a town called Pelhřimovy, right on the border with Poland. It was ruined during the WW2. Nowdays, it has been repaired by volunteers for 20 years. We will be working for 5.5 hours a day. There are 8 working days out of 14.


Enjoy your summer!