International cooperation

International activities are the newest addition to the activities of our organization. We are taking part in study tours and networking and we host foreign interns.


KA2 Meeting Point (2019-2021)

The project is solved by three non-governmental organisations – V.I.A.C. – Institute for youth support and development from Slovakia as an applicant, Pro Vobis from Romania and us Plan B.  The main objective of the project is to contribute to recognizing skills of young people gained in volunteering in the labour market through connecting volunteers, business companies and NGOs.

There will be three intellectual outputs created: 1. Research among employers and among young people to find out their relation to volunteering, if they see important in connection with the entrance to the labour market. We also want to focus on the experience of employers if young people even mention their volunteer experience in their CVs and what is helpful during the job application process to attract employers. 2. output will be volunteer recruitment database - will be small “social network,” where volunteers and employers can connect and fulfil their needs. Volunteers also will be able to generate their volunteer CVs with all those reviews and references and add them to their job applications. 3. output will be a methodology for young volunteers how to “sell” their competences gained in volunteering to employers.


Romania (4th – 14th December 2016), study visits

Participants of project “ICE 2 – International Cooperation Evolution” – representatives of European, Caucasus, north Africa and Middle East (17 countries in total) organizations meet to present each other their activities and find common topics. They created also database of foreign partners interested in cooperation with Czech organizations.

Iceland (1st – 11th September 2016), study visits

Together with our colleagues from Luzanky leisure time center we set out for the subsequent study visit. We visited non-profit organizations, state-established, educational and leisure time institutions: Hi Hostels Reykjavík, SEED, Landssamband æskulýðsfélaga (LÆF), Skagafjörður, Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð – Ólafsfjörður, Rósenborg, Akureyri, Valsárskóli, Laugaskóli.

We had a proper chance to get familiar with the methods of youth work on the local and international level, and to consult how to involve volunteers in the local and foreign projects. Volunteering on Iceland is covered mostly by foreign participants. It is certainly related with the fact how interesting this country is. No wonder that its natural beauty and cultural specifics attract the attention of young people from different parts of Europe. If you´d like to vounteer at Iceland, do not hesitate to ask us for contacts on the organizations who host foreign volunteer. Photographs from the study visit see here.

Island (6th – 15th November 2015), networking meeting

We visited eight organizations who also participate in volunteering and international activities. We found the key topics for cooperation in Reykjavik, Akureyri, Dalvik and Ólafsfjörður: European Voluntary Service and young people exchanges (thematic stays abroad), the support of young people who participate in local activities (children and youth parliaments, start-up projects of young people groups) and leisure time activities for children and youth. Networking activities were supported by NGO funding. Contacts of Icelandic organizations will be made available to another Czech organizations. See pictures here.

And what happened after our visit? 18 staff members of Luzanky Leisure time centre in Brno visited Iceland (see below). Three Icelandic colleagues participated in the study visit of Czech Republic and two another cooperation projects are in the preparatory phase. 



We offer internships for foreign university graduates. Sylwia from Poland was the first to intern at our center (find her story here). Then we hosted Yaiza from Spain for three months.

We offer the possibility to work in international environment, we don’t expect even the basic knowledge of Czech language. Graduates are taking part mostly in promotion and the preparation of evening programmes and larger events, they teach informally their language or English, help us to extend the offer of volunteer opportunities abroad and cooperate with  volunteers of European Voluntary Service.