Internship in DC67

Volunteer center 67 focuses mainly on linking these local NGOs who are seeking for volunteers with young people interested in volunteering. We advise these people where and how to apply for both local and foreign volunteer projects.

As we work with many social, cultural, environmental or human rights NGOs based in Brno, your internship there can increase your knowledge about these topicsawareness of their activities, general orientation in the non-profit sector and bring an overview of various volunteer projects in Czech Republic and abroad.

What activities will an intern do?

You will participate in the Volunteer Center 67 activities – promotion of our events, distribution of promotional materials, publications, volunteer opportunities and news from the non-profit sector. You can gain experience in organizing bigger events, administrative activities (including cooperation in preparation and evaluation of projects), organization and presentations at festivals, fairs and markets.

How to apply?

In the database of internships of Erasmus intern you will find our advert „Volunteer Centre Assistant”, if you are interested in working with us, send us your CV and motivation letter.

Contact us:

Kateřina Kalábová
+420 773 751 318


What are the experiences of our last interns? 


Sylwia, Poland: “Internship here gave me possibility to do things which I have never done.”

My name is Sylwia Majewska. I am from Poland and I studied National Security in Warsaw. After my graduation I started looking for an internship abroad and on the webpage I found advertisement from Volunteer centre and it interested me. I contacted them and after few days I had a Skype interview. I applied for two months, but I liked it and I prolonged my internship for next two months.

My time in DC67 was very nice. I had interesting tasks and I learnt new things, which are useful in my future career. First of all, I learnt cooperation in international team, I improved my language, my computer/Internet and social skills.I took a part in preparing One World Festival and it was really. Thanks to working for DC67 I could get to know Brno better and visit some beautiful places during spreading flyers with our program. 

Internship here gave me possibility to do things which I have never done for example teaching English. If you consider going for internship to Volunteer Centre don't hesitate! I am sure that you will have interesting, unforgettable time here.

Yaiza, Spain: “The DC67 team was so pleasant, they let my imagination fly.”

¡Hola! My name is Yaiza and I came from Spain to Brno to volunteering in DC67 with Erasmus+ programme. I studied Journalism and Economics in Madrid and during my three months in DC67 most of my tasks were related with digital communication, social networks and events promotion. The DC67 team was so pleasant, they let my imagination fly and I made very creative contributions. In addition, I had the opportunity to teach Spanish every Tuesday and it was amazing.

In DC67, we organized monthly events, presentations and workshops and I really enjoyed the English ones (Czech is just impossible to understand!). And do you know what? I also did one presentation! I talked about Timebanking and it was awesome how interested the people were! In a few words, I acquired new useful skills and I had a great time!