EU Aid Volunteering

EU Aid Volunteering is a program of the European Union for applicants from 18 years who are EU citizens or have long term residence in the EU. Thanks to this program, you can stay for up to 18 months in the third world countries where humanitarian aid is needed. All travel costs, expenses connected to the stay, insurance, and pocket money are covered during this stay.

How to become a volunteer in EU Aid Volunteering? You do not necessarily need experience with humanitarian aid, but you have to fulfil requirements specified for particular positions. It is necessary to pass a special training that is provided by an organization.

Information about EU Aid Volunteering and particular positions are described in the job offers.

Examples of the activities: Humanitarian aid

Age: +18

Countries: Third world countries inflicted by the humanitarian crises (Africa, Latin America, Middle East)

Length: 1-18 months

Fee: Free, EU reimburses travel costs, accommodation, insurance, and pocket money